Stories connect us in shared meaning.


At Storywell, we understand that great story as a product is premised on a carefully designed story process. 

An old school approach to the story process had a writer alone at her desk. Storywell's new school and emotionally intelligent approach builds on a psychological and social inter-relationship to story +  hardcore story technology.

Through 20 years of working story we know that stories happen between us.

  • Stories activate experientially.

  • Stories activate in performance.

  • Stories resonate when they engage our audience in shared meanings.

This inter-relationship is how stories function to connect us.


What we've discovered through our research is that we story tell better with a good guide because stories really do happen between us

Telling your story, especially when you're not clear on your plot, message,  or narrative strategy, gets super charged when you work with a story facilitator who knows just what questions to ask and just what answers are relevant for a powerful story product. Storywell facilitates your stories.


Our Method


Find the Story

You're pitching on a campaign, assigned to tell a brand story, struggling with a presentation, or looking for the story in your short or feature, we'll help you discover the story you want to tell. You'll work with Dr. Myrow, our Master Story Doctor, in an experiential story development process, sifting through ideas and messages to discover the story your project needs to tell.

Craft the Story

We'll help you take your seed ideas into full story form, develop characters, a structured plot, a coherent conflict, compelling worlds, differentiate your ideas and messages, and make sure your story carries your ideas and messages in an emotionally resonant way.

Embed the Story 

Living Story, stories that connect us to our audience exist, transform, and inspire within a presentation context. Whether you're pitching a project, submitting a treatment on a campaign, or making a presentation, your story and message is part of a larger communication process. For your story to be effective and to win your objectives, we embed your carefully crafted narrative strategically within the larger context of your pitch.