About Storywell 

Storywell Creative is Dr. Neora Myrow's Narrative Consulting Practice based in West Hollywood, CA. Neora is a Writer, Story Coach, and Communication Strategist with 20 years in story. 

Native to Hollywood and the daughter of a storied musical family, forged in script analysis, inspired by a hardcore classical education and a facility with big ideas, Neora synthesizes theory into practical storytelling, with strategically engineered narrative product that transforms both the storyteller and the audience. A Joseph Campbell for Marketing, Neora brings rigorous tools from narrative theory, narrative psychology, drama, and mythology to Hollywood, Advertising, and Creatives. Neora teaches advanced story for professional storytellers and 101 Applied Story for organizations and groups. Neora specializes in brand and organizational narrative.  Her doctoral research focused on decoding narrative identity. Neora writes and lectures on story, organizational narrative, communication strategy, and emotionally intelligent narrative.