About Neora

Neora is a leadership development coach, writer, and teacher.

She mentors business leaders in how to become “intentional storytellers,” teaching a practice that works as much for high stakes communications as everyday interactions.

Neora anchors in three decades of working in story.

Since the mid '90s she’s worked practically as a story doctor, ghost writer, development consultant, and communication strategist for Hollywood and advertising, and taught story and writing in college.

Neora grounds her commercial work in a multi-disciplinary academic approach, earning a PhD in Psychology with a specialty in narrative theory and the shape of life story in 2009.

The skills she teaches are based in mindfulness, experience design, and narrative structure.

Neora helps to uncover your leadership story and then shows you how to use your unique insights to develop an intentional communication practice to take into the room every day with your teams and organizations. The end-product is a Leadership Presence Practice rooted in your stories and values.

In addition to teaching as core faculty for Duarte Inc., where Neora has helped to develop Duarte’s story curriculum, long and short format learning journeys, and their sprint into virtual training, she continues to coach executives in story-based Leadership Presence under the aegis of Storywell Creative, her decade old consulting shop.

Her current focus is empowering professionals to create an intentional leadership practice grounded in design theory, story, and human connection. Neora particularly loves working with Executive Feminine Leadership Presence and anyone who needs extra support in confidence.

When she’s not nerding out on the biblical nature of brand story, you’ll find her cooking, hiking, or shopping for strange and wonderful wine in and around her hometown of Los Angeles.