Getting Started

Hello, hello.

You're likely here because we’ve met in a classroom or a trusted friend suggested you look me up.

I teach professionals how to use Storytelling to empower the way we lead.

This site aims to be a place where we can connect.

My hope is to create here, with you a "Communication Dojo."

I think of it as a practice ground to train together in techniques of awareness and strategy. We'll cultivate strategic storytelling and intentionally designed communication so that you show up confidently as the highest Self needed by  those you serve.

Here you'll find meditations on my favorite topics including leadership, strategy, and intentional communication as the site for profound human connection right in the midsts of our professional lives.

What I've seen across my years in service whether it's been consulting, training, writing for, or coaching professionals, is that there is a deep hunger for community and connection. We're looking to connect to eachother and even more so our higher Selves.

I think of this connection as a spiritual practice.

Discovering this practice as every day and for the every day was what saved me and seems to be the thing that resonates with the folks I work with.

We can’t just hope to show up in our best self, especially when life gets messy. We need a daily practice that reminds us how to do that and why it matters.

Please join this conversation. You'll find space for commentary below every post.

I've spent decades investigating how storytelling can shape this practice.

I can't wait to share these life changing ideas with you.