The Story of our Life as your Leadership Story

Join me to deconstruct to reconstruct the most important story of our lives:

The Story of our Life as your Leadership Story

Together we’ll learn to “Story Listen” to the most vulnerable parts of what has happened to us so that we can “Story Tell” the wisdom learned through just these darkest experiences.

That wisdom integrated is the secret sauce initiating us into the Leader we are today.

The truth of this kind of work applies as much to an individual life story as to Brand Story.

We’re working the terrain of Identity Story and its mysteries of becoming.

We’ll quest together to discover the myth we’re living out by pinning down the stories we tell about our lives and our organizations through a rigorous strategy of story mapping- constantly toggling back and forth from the map of what we’ve lived and overlays of patterns.

We’ll learn to work with the structure of our life stories and also the symbolic, aka metaphoric, dimension of our life stories in themes, questions, motivations, and meaning.

In this way we’ll learn to ask and answer specific questions of the story we’ve already lived so that we can see through to the larger weave of the mystery of our pattern.

Within this weave we’ll find our power, our purpose, and our future.